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3 Things You CAN Tweak to Make a HUGE Difference in Your Garden

3 Things You CAN Tweak to Make a HUGE Difference in Your Garden

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I have been thinking a lot lately about micro changes you can do in your garden to make it even more enjoyable.

Sometimes there are seasons in your life when you need the support and joy a garden can offer you, but you don’t have the strength or time to do much. However, there are some powerful tweaks you can make to improve your garden’s look and usability enormously.

Start with the following three, or choose just one of them. Either way, you’ll be satisfied and enjoy your garden even more.



1. Check the Gaps in Your Planting Areas

The end of the summer is a perfect time to check if you have any extra gaps in your flowerbed.

It’s so typical that we get excited to buy new plants in the garden center in spring or early summer when they bloom. Often, that leads to a less blooming garden in mid or late summer. Now is the perfect time to take some notes and prepare to plant more late-flowering plants in your garden.

In addition to gaps, make some notes on the colors, too, so that you can make intentional decisions on: 

  • what colors to add or
  • introduce a new color that would raise a bar in your planting combination to make it more interesting.

(If you don’t mind flowers, but there are gaps in foliage plants, do the same check for empty spaces - and yes, for their colors too!)

If you want to learn more about creating stunning plant color combinations, jump on the waitlist >HERE< for my upcoming online course this fall.



2. Consider if You Need More Room for Your Kitchen Garden. (If you have one.)

Late summer it’s the time when the garden is bountiful and starts to be overflowing with produce.

I noticed that at least I grew and planted too many zucchini or courgette (yes! the same plant with a different name) seedlings last spring, and you know what we are eating at the moment … zucchinis in all its forms!

Therefore, I decided we don’t need more room for our kitchen garden; I shouldn’t plant that many zucchinis next year. Note to self: plant only two zucchini plants next year.



Checking the size of your kitchen garden now to fit your needs is essential. It keeps your kitchen garden’s size suitable for your requirements and time, and your kitchen will be supplied with a needed amount of healthy veggies for you and your loved ones.

Knowing your needs helps create a kitchen garden that makes you feel bountiful and happy.

A great garden starts with the soil, as does the kitchen garden. Get more inspiration to take care of the soil on your plot >HERE<.



3. How about Your Patio or Terrace Area? Does It Serve You Well?

A patio, terrace, or decking is your room outdoors. To spend your time there, it needs to be an answer to YOUR needs, not your neighbors.

So consider:

  • the size,
  • the functions required,
  • condition & maintenance, and
  • its surroundings,
  • not to mention the privacy issue as that often breaks or makes the amount spent on your own backyard patio oasis.

You could consider the following: 

  • adding plants and planters,
  • uncluttering,
  • reducing extra furniture, and
  • focusing on the one thing you mainly want to do on your patio.

At the same time, you might solve the need for additional space unless the area is too small from the beginning. You can check more about the size requirements >HERE<.


That’s about it this time! Now it’s your turn to make some tweaks. Even small steps can take you far if they are headed in the right direction. (If you haven’t taken my Garden Design Style Quiz yet, now it’s the perfect time for it. You’ll find it >HERE<.)

So keep this list in hand to check these three areas in your garden to make it even more beautiful, keep it supporting your lifestyle, and make you feel good.








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