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Sara Underwood

Massachusetts, United States

Sari was very helpful and well-prepared for our online session. She had researched my house and area (New England in the United States) ahead of time and was able to understand the layout of my garden areas based on the pictures I provided.

She made great color suggestions taking into account my preferences for darker colors for both flowers and foliage. She pulled up photos of the plants she was suggesting so I could see how they looked and would be able to see how they fit with the other plants to produce and overall effect.

I especially liked the overall design that incorporated symmetry but also some variation that allows for a touch of personal real-life feel. She took into account existing plants and shrubs and incorporated them into the overall feel. It was a pleasure working with her and I’m excited to start implementing the plan we came up with.

An-Sofie and Leo Lenaerts

Uusimaa, Finland

Sari gave us new ideas for our garden. We also got solutions that we hadn’t thought about before.

This was great information!

Hi, I'm Sari Lampinen

I'm a Garden Designer MSGD.

I help garden owners like you design and create a garden that reflects your style & lifestyle so that you can stop procrastinating, find inspiration and create your OWN dream garden to enjoy and feel refreshed.

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Viherstudio, AlfaTV 2021

Chantel Klingler

Veikkola, Finland

I decided to get the help of a professional as I had in the past found my own trial and error method was costly and time consuming and wanted to get things right first time round with our new home.  

     After contacting Sari we chatted and she asked me to fill out her appointment form which gave her a solid idea of what I was expecting so she could prepare for her visit. 

    I was writing constantly throughout our meeting at our home, I found Sari a wealth of information, her expertise and knowledge of both plants and the region meant she had so many options suitable for the varying areas of my garden. Many of the plants I hadn’t known or considered beforehand, Sari suggested planting mixes to give my garden depth, texture, and flowers throughout the growing season.

    We broke my garden into sections for me to be able to tackle on my own. I now feel I have the confidence and tools to get it right first time, and this is what I really wanted, a workable plan to achieve on my own schedule. 

    I thoroughly enjoyed Saris visit and can highly recommend her services if you are also needing design ideas to make your dream outdoor space a reality. 

Ora & Benjamin

Colorado, United States

Thank you for a such an informative consultation, it was a game changer in helping us redesign our garden.

When we moved to our house over 4 years ago, we inherited beautiful gardens with flowers, herbs and vegetable garden. I tried to maintain its, but I didn’t have much time or knowledge to maintain its beauty. Over the years it has deteriorated and now we really wanted to bring its beauty back but didn’t know where to start.

I love that Sari took us step by step. The quiz gave us the garden style we wanted, during the consultation you really guided us to create our own dream garden based on our taste and needs.

I was so impressed how knowledgeable Sari were about our area, mapped out our house, showed us the right vegetations, gave us ideas and showed us how it would look.

At the end of the session we had a plan something I have been struggling with for a 3 years now. We are excited to start this project and looking forward to the results. You are amazing to accomplish all that through video consultation.


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“I love that Sari took us step by step.

The quiz gave us the garden-style we wanted. During the consultation, she really guided us to create

our own dream garden
based on our tastes and needs.”


Ora and Benjamin, Colorado

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