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Get the terrace dimensions right in your garden layout

Get The Dimensions Right To Enjoy Your Terrace More

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If I asked you, are you using and enjoying your existing terrace - what would you answer? Maybe you're using it less than you would like to? An extension of your deck alone could be the solution to finally putting the yard's squares in proper use!

It is widespread to build too small terraces and outdoor living areas. With this, I mean, too small for the functions they are created for. Let me explain. 


Does this situation remind your outdoor living area?

Sometimes a terrace can barely accommodate a table and a couple of chairs. It would be just enough for the group of furniture. However, you need room to move around and to use the furniture. If the space is too small, taking a seat or leaving the table can be challenging.

I have seen many terraces where there is not enough room to move the chair back to sit down. In the optimal situation, there would also be space for moving around the table.

If the dimensions are not right, the outdoor living area feels cramped and maybe awkward. Who would want to spend their time there?


A terrace makeover for your needs

An outdoor living area doesn't need to be huge. It just has to be comfortable and suitable for your needs. Maybe only a few changes or additions are required, and it will turn into the area you love using.

When you consider your terrace's dimensions, would an extension be just enough for your garden makeover? Would it give you the outdoor living area that you would love to use?

Focus on the following questions:

  1. Is your outdoor living area the way you want it to be?
  2. Does it provide enough space for the functions you want?
  3. Do you need more space? Or less furniture?
  4. How could you improve the situation?



Have the right dimensions in place for your terrace

Everything doesn't have to be perfect. However, it is essential to think about making the outdoor living area as comfortable as possible. That's the way you begin to use and enjoy your garden more.

Having the right dimensions for the dining table and chairs or any table and chair combinations is trickier than placing a sofa and armchairs on your terrace area.

I recommend using these dimensions as a guideline when you measure a proper space for your outdoor dining table:

  • For a rectangular table with eight chairs, you need 15ft 4in - 18ft 8 in (4,6-5,6m) x 11ft 4in - 14ft 8in (3,4-4,4m)
  • For a square table with two chairs beside a wall, you need a space that is 10ft (3m) x 4ft 8in (1,4m). 

The cozy and practical outdoor living area invites you to be outside. It offers an opportunity to relax and enjoy the surrounding nature. Enjoying your comfortable terrace area opens up new opportunities to use your whole garden more. 



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