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Gardener's Plant Color Palette 

Create a Stunning Color Combination that Fits Your Style and Highlights Your Home

Your step-by-step framework to:

✔️ Master the A to Z of combining leaf and flower colors with a logical step-by-step system

✔️ Plan a beautiful, unique plant color combination that highlights your home and feels aligned with the surroundings

✔️ Shop confidently in the garden center and bring home only plants with colors that match the overall look of your garden

✔️ Learn a skill you can use over and over again in every new flower bed or garden you’ll create.

We’re helping you to create your dream garden.


Ora, Colorado, USA

I thought colors had to do with personal taste, but Sari clarified & grouped together different styles and looks to really opened up my creative mind to new options that fit my taste and lifestyle. I’m a newby - it’s exciting to open my mind to making a clear decision on the garden of my choice.

Pip Barrett, Western Australia

This was a great course at helping me get further with understanding how to achieve balance and feeling with plant and flower colour. I've always found choosing plant and flow colours difficult, and more often than not, gone with expensive trial and error, and felt horribly guilty when taking plants out that just don't work. I feel a lot more confident now. I have a game plan, I can pick the right colours and styles to give balance, and envoke how I want to feel in the garden and how I want visitors to feel as well. Sari is lovely to work with, and it was a real treat to get her feedback - something that's sorely missing from so many other courses.

Minna, Helsinki, Finland

Thank you, Sari, for a very useful training course! I used to feel overwhelmed when shopping for plants and flowers, often basing my choices on the pictures in the packaging without much further thought. As you can guess, the end result was usually anything but perfect. After attending your course, I feel confident in selecting plants, and I know what I need to take into consideration when making my plant color choices. I am looking forward to the coming summer to see my flower garden in full bloom.