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The Soil of Your Garden is Yours to Take Care of

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Healthy soil is the basis of everything. As the owner of a garden and its' ground, you have an opportunity to make a global impact.

Even though your part of the surface of our shared earth may seem small to you, its' significance is important. Healthy soil provides water, food, and energy security worldwide. It also increases natural biodiversity and protects against the risks of climate change.


Healthy Soil is Teeming with Life

The soil has been identified as one of the most significant reserves of global biodiversity. Its' importance is growing more and more as research increases.

It is already known that soil organisms, insects, worms, bacteria, viruses, fungi, lichens, and plants perform numerous functions in our ecosystem. By caring for the soil in your own garden, you also increase your own and your family's health and the entire ecosystem's well-being.

Healthy soil is the basis of all well-being. It is also the foundation of a healthy, abundant garden.


World Soil Day

On December 5th, it's the World Soil Day. The purpose of it is to remind us of the importance of the soil as the foundation of our entire well-being.

The World Soil Day 2020 (#WorldSoilDay) theme is "Keep soil alive, Protect soil biodiversity." The day aims to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining healthy ecosystems and human well-being.

The campaign 2020 addresses the growing challenges in soil management and fighting soil biodiversity loss. It increases soil awareness and encourages governments, organizations, communities, and individuals worldwide to commit to proactively improving soil health.


365 Days of the Year

There still remain the other 364 days.

Let's celebrate the soil whenever we bustle in our own gardens. There are many of us gardeners, and our impact is multiplying all over the world. You're important. Your garden matters!


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