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3 Things that Affect Your Garden's Color Scheme

3 Things that Affect Your Garden's Color Scheme

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The winter gives us a fantastic opportunity to think about the colors in our garden. White snow or a neutral palette of dark soil and brown branches bares the outdoor space and pays attention to hardscaping and permanent structures.

The buildings, fences, and other structures become more visible when the abundance of leaves and flowers is gone. These permanent structures and your garden's surface materials make the canvas for your planting combinations.

There are three essential things to consider when planning the color scheme for your garden planting. Each may affect the colors, intensity, and degree of contrast you choose to use and combine in your garden.

Let's start with the yard itself.



1. Immediate Surroundings, aka Color in Your Property

You might see a particular color scheme when you consider the buildings, fences, pergolas, trellises, paths, paved areas, or other elements in your garden.

  • Are the colors of the structures on the cooler or warmer side?
  • Are they light or dark?
  • If you step some steps backward, does the overall color scheme appear more cool or warm?

>> Permanent garden structures, primarily your home's coloring, make the colored canvas or background for your flower garden's color scheme.


2. Colors Outside Your Garden Fence

Next, look over your garden fence - what do you see?

  • Are there any close neighbors' houses or other buildings that you may find dominant compared to your own garden space?
  • Are there possibly any large trees close to your borderline that have a distinct color (check that in your summer photos if needed)?
  • Are there other elements that affect the color scheme you could choose for your flower garden?

>> These colors outside your property are essential to consider as gardens look best in partnership with their surroundings.


3. Colors Inside Your Home

Take a peek inside and the colors you have used to decorate your home.

  • Does your home's coloring consist of stimulating accent colors, soft pastels, or mostly cool greys and pure whites?
  • Have you got a distinct color scheme you would like to continue outside your home?
  • Are you looking for harmony or color contrast? Soothing effect or stimulation?

>> Consider how the window view connects your outdoor and indoor spaces.


Like painting a picture, you can choose to contrast the flower colors you use with your canvas, aka your garden's permanent background, or create a soothing harmony.

TIME TO TAKE ACTION: What kind of color schemes are present and affect your garden space? Write them down and use the list as valuable background information as you start considering the color scheme for your flowers, shrubs, and trees.




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