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Starting a garden with a clear vision help you to take action.

The # 1 Benefit of Designing Your Garden First

starting a garden

I guess procrastination is familiar to all of us.

I see it very often when I meet garden owners for the first time. They tell me that they have tried to start building their garden, creating a new outdoor sitting area, planting a perennial bed, you name it. They have gathered all the tools and put gardening gloves into their hands. Went to the garden. Stood there staring their project to be, with their working gloves on. Then circled around the place until their gloves drop to the ground. After that, they pick up the gloves neatly. Place them back to the shelf. Gather all the tools again, and none has been done. No progress.

Or they had started, and now in the place where it should have been a cozy outdoor sitting area, there is a hole on the ground. Nada.

Have you ever experienced the same?

Having a garden plan stops you from procrastinating. You know what you want to do, what you are supposed to do and do it. No procrastination. No hesitation. A clear plan, and you just do it.

You know, "Well planned is almost done."

I would like to add another huge benefit that goes close to this first one. You have done planning, you've done the work. It's FINISHED! There is no need to redo it, change the place, hesitate, consider how it would connect to the other parts of the garden. And start all over again.

How nice is that!



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