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Natural planting in the Barbican London UK

Two Things You Need Before Planting Your Garden In The Natural Style

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You know the style you want, but how to make it stylishly happen? Yes... we're gonna dive into that.

Framework to keep it all together

First, you need a well-thought and balanced layout, or so-called master plan, that gives your garden and planting areas a proper framework. 

Use strong curves and bending lines. No undefined or weak forms here. You don't want your garden to be a mess that is impossible to keep up. 

A well-thought garden layout is what you really need before planting any of your wild, abundant plants. 



A strong layout gives you the freedom to plant and create natural planting schemes that look stylishly wild. Plants can still wander inside the intended planting areas. 


You got to have some STRUCTURE

Do you remember Mr. Foerster who we talked about in the previous blog post? He was passionate about wild plants and started experimenting with combining them with the prevailing garden aesthetics. 

That's what I suggest you do too.

Use the magical design tools of layout and structure and combine them with a natural planting style.  

To create structure, you need, in addition to perennials and ornamental grasses, woody plants that give a year-round permanence to your garden.

Clipped evergreens or deciduous hedges are great partners and backdrops for otherwise wild planting. They give the garden height that is needed, create rooms and privacy.



The image above is an excellent example of a garden representing 'foersterism', where clipped hedges give the garden structure and combine with free-form, natural plantings. Beautiful, isn't it?

Important to notice: By adding a natural feel with perennials and ornamental grasses and combining them with structural woody plants, you can easily take a naturalistic planting style into a garden that is modest in size.

A solid layout and good structural framework make it easier to plant and maintain a stylish natural garden that looks good year-round too.



Next time, let's talk about plants and especially the features you got to look for when choosing plants for your garden You can read the previous part of this series HERE.




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List of Photos:

- Planting in the Barbican, London, UK
- Christopher Bradley-Hole garden, Chelsea Flower Show 2013, London, UK
Karl Foerster perennial garden, Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Berlin, Germany
- Calamagrostis x acutiflora 'Karl Foerster' in Hunting Brook Gardens, Wicklow, Ireland






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