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The natural planting style brings nature back to where it used to belong.

Could Natural Planting Style Be For You?

natural garden style planting ideas starting a garden

The natural planting style feels carefree and maybe even a little bit wild. It speaks directly to our senses—no wonder the style has become more and more popular over the years.

It also makes sense as:

  • the main idea is ​​to use plants that thrive and are typical for the site. In that way, the planting feels as organic as possible.
  • the natural planting style has a soft spot for ornamental grasses. And there's plenty of them weaved into the planting areas.
  • this style supports sustainability in choosing the most suitable plants and maintaining them as naturally as possible - no watering and overly fertilizing.


Natural Planting Style - Grasses and Perennials

The first thing you will probably notice is the abundant amount of grasses waving in the slightest breeze. The versatile use of ornamental grasses truly characterizes this planting style.

However, the natural planting style is firmly bound into its' place and can thus be very varied. Mainly, in addition to ornamental grasses, perennials are well represented. And there are usually LOTS of perennials!


The Ecological Rock Star

One could say that the natural planting style is the 'rock star'' of all planting styles. The technique has received a lot of attention, and it has created famous names familiar to a broader audience than just professionals and enthusiastic gardeners.

At its most ecological and perhaps most rebellious way, this style may challenge traditional garden aesthetics. At times, it looks as if the human hand has not even touched the landscape. You can see examples of this in parks and other public areas in Berlin, a popular destination for visiting natural-style parks.



From Mr. Foerster's Nursery to a Global Phenomenon

Did you know that the roots of the style go back more than a hundred years to the nursery of Karl Foerster, who was passionate about wild plants in Germany? He saw their beauty and the opportunities when used in garden settings.

Karl Foerster propagated and also cultivated beautiful, reliable plants in his nursery. One of the most popular ornamental grasses worldwide is Feather Reed Grass (Calamagrostis x acutiflora 'Karl Foerster'). Maybe the one he appreciated a lot too.

Natural Beauty in Your Garden

The natural habitats have increasingly been swept away in newly built areas, suburbs, and cities.

Building large public areas in a more natural and even wild style is an attempt to bring nature back to the places it used to belong. You can enjoy these natural areas most often in large public places such as London's Olympic Park. Or you may have visited Drömparken in Sweden or The High Line in New York. (I have taken these photos while visiting the High Line in October 2019.)



The natural planting style does not need to be restricted to the public areas only. You can recall nature and natural habitats in your own garden too.

But how to make it stylishly happen? Yes ... we're gonna dive in to that in the next post HERE. See you!



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