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What Are the Style Elements You Need to Create YOUR Dream Garden?


There are 3 Core Garden Styles that result in a dream garden - Natural, Modern and Romantic. 

The Style Guides I have created to support each style gives you clear guidelines to choose the RIGHT:

  • forms,
  • materials,
  • plants, and
  • structures

for YOUR dream garden.

Which style is yours? 


Hi there! I'm Sari, a Garden Designer specialized in private residential gardens.

Garden styles are an essential part of my daily work. My clients are lovely, personal, active, self-expressing, and versatile human beings interested in their surroundings —all in all, humans with a big H.

When I start designing a garden, I consider the style and atmosphere that suits my clients best. I get influences from their personality, home, and lifestyle. It is, in fact, essential!

In addition to their most characteristic personal style, I remark hints on how they might have already seasoned their main style or what I would add to it to bring out their whole personality even more in their garden.

Because the personal garden style is the unifying force and the guiding light in the garden design, I have created the Garden Style Quiz and Style Guides that support the given results.

Next, I'll introduce you to the three main style concepts of the garden design!

Garden Style Quiz

Essential Garden Styles


The Modern garden-style reflects contemporary architecture, lifestyle, and materials. It's created for activities and relaxing in your leisure time. Due to this, the large outdoor living areas are a vital part of the yard. In summer, the terrace area becomes the second living room with sofa groups and furniture.



The Natural garden-style gets its greatest inspiration from the place it is situated on - its nature and environment. Ecological and organic solutions, as well as a calm, green atmosphere, emphasize the organic style. Vegetation and natural elements are the more essential elements of the garden.



The Romantic garden-style is abundant and sensual. The garden can be new but have a style of a manor house. It may be reminiscent of a cottage garden or be light, serene, and ornamental. The style favors divisions into 'green rooms,' among which the ornate kitchen or fruit garden is also well suited.


Discover Your Personal Garden Style

More than 2,000 people have already taken the quiz and found their essential garden style elements.


All The Essential Elements You Need To Take Your Style Into Your Garden

The supporting Style Guide and my supporting emails provide concise and straightforward advice on your Garden Style's characteristics when applied to a garden.

The Garden Style Guide explains:

  • what elements the style consists of, and
  • what kind of features,
  • materials, and
  • plants you should choose for your yard.

The guide serves as a guiding light on how to transfer your style to the garden. With the guide it easy for you to check if your new garden ideas fit your core Garden Style or not.

The guide will give you an insight into the planning of your yard and ensure that your garden reflects your personality and supports your lifestyle!

How to take the Quiz and get Your FREE Guide

What's Your Awesome

Garden Style & Essential Style Elements? 

How to Own Your Style,
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