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1:1 Online Custom Session

You might have a lot of ideas, but you can't figure out the solution you like.
You need someone to help you to move past the problem and start doing and creating what you love. That's where I can help you.

My custom online sessions are tailored to your exact needs.

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You Can Turn Your Backyard Into A Relaxing Oasis! 

You might have an area in your garden that you have lots of ideas or even drawn plans to, but just can't figure out and you need a second opinion to get it right on the first time. You might, for example, need support to:

  • Place new planting areas so that they complement the existing ones.
  • Make the most of your sloping site.
  • Build or plant privacy screens that don't look like barriers
  • Create a welcoming front yard or a cozy patio area.
  • Make your outdoor space easier to maintain.

Let's make it happen!

We'll start right where you are at with your yard, plans, and ideas.


1:1 Custom  Session

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Your dream garden is waiting for you

It's like sitting by the table and talking with your BSF professional garden designer focusing on your garden and plans you have drawn.

What you'll get:

  • Opportunity to bounce off your ideas and get new ones
  • Guidance & second opinion from a professional
  • Answers to your garden design problems from layouts to material choices and plants
  • You'll get a recording after the session, so there is no need to make notes during our 1:1 conversation.

This 1:1 online session time is yours to use however is most helpful for you and your garden creation. You can show your yard over video, share images, put together a presentation with photos and/or links to walk through over screen-share, or simply chat.

"At the end of the session we had a plan something I have been struggling with for a 3 years now. We are excited to start this project and looking forward to the results. Sari is amazing to accomplish all that through video session. We will update her on our progress. Thank you again."

Ora and Benjamin, Colorado, USA

"Sari made great color suggestions taking into account my preferences for darker colors for both flowers and foliage. She pulled up photos of the plants she was suggesting so I could see how they looked and would be able to see how they fit with the other plants to produce and overall effect."

Sara Underwood, Massachusetts, USA

1:1 Custom  Session

This 1:1 session will help you elevate your ideas and solve your design problems.

$440 | €399

  • Answers to your garden design problems
  • Advise on your garden layout, style, plants, structures, materials and other design elements
  • A professional second opinion and coaching on your own garden plans
  • Clear steps to improve your existing plans
  • 90-minutes virtual 1:1 design session with a recording afterwards 
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