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Real-Time Guidance and Live Interaction!


Perfect for garden enthusiasts!

Are you ready to combine plant and flower colors boldly and confidently, open your mind to the creative possibilities of your outdoor space, and craft your unique plant color palette without feeling overwhelmed or uncertain when designing your flower garden’s stunning color combinations?

Welcome to Bloom Your Garden Colors, where you get the best of both worlds: expertly crafted content and live, interactive sessions to ensure you succeed.

Imagine stepping into your garden and finding it not just beautiful, but a true reflection of your personality—a serene haven where you feel revitalized and uplifted.

In this course, you'll gain a valuable skill set and create a personalized plant color palette tailored specifically for your garden. Say goodbye to impulsive plant purchases that don’t fit your space or vision. With our expert guidance, you'll save money and ensure your garden remains a place of beauty and calm.

I thought colors had to do with personal taste, but Sari clarified & grouped together different styles and looks to really open up my creative mind to new options that fit my taste and lifestyle. It’s exciting to open my mind to making a clear decision on the garden of my choice.

Ora, Colorado USA

By the end of this program, you will...

Design a distinctive plant color combination that accentuates your home and brings your garden to life


Master the A to Z of combining foliage and flower colors with Sari's inspiring step-by-step method


Shop confidently in the garden center and bring home only plants with colors that match the overall look of your garden and home


Craft a garden color scheme that resonates with your emotions and charms every visitor, creating an atmosphere where every moment feels magical


Course Alumni are Making Beautiful Things Happen in Their Gardens

I used to feel overwhelmed when shopping for plants and flowers. As you can guess, the end result was usually anything but perfect. After attending your course, I feel confident in selecting plant colors and I know what I need to take into consideration when making my choices. I am looking forward to the coming summer to see my flower garden in full bloom.

Minna, Finland

I've always found choosing plant and flow colours difficult, and more often than not, gone with expensive trial and error, and felt horribly guilty when taking plants out that just don't work. I feel a lot more confident now.  Sari is lovely to work with, and it was a real treat to get her feedback - something that's sorely missing from so many other courses.

Pip, Western Australia

Hey there!

I'm Sari Lampinen, a passionate garden designer, MSGD, and educator with 20 years of experience. I’ve had the joy of helping countless garden enthusiasts like you turn their outdoor spaces into colorful retreats filled with fragrant flowers and tranquil nooks.

But my mission is more than just sharing my expertise. I want to guide and empower you to unlock your own creative potential in the garden. Together, we'll dive into the art and science of garden design, exploring plant colors, color combinations, plant selections, and design principles that will breathe new life into your garden. But beyond the practicalities, I'm here to ignite your imagination and infuse your outdoor space with your unique personality and style.

So, if you're ready to embark on a journey of discovery, creativity, and joy of vibrant colors, you're in the right place. Let's roll up our sleeves and create something truly magical together!


Here's what you'll receive inside Bloom Your Garden Colors:



where you’ll learn Sari’s step-by-step process of designing your own unique Plant Color Palette that highlights your home and lights you up.




where you can send your questions on the week's topic and get them answered. You can also attend LIVE if you want to.




where you can get support to navigate through and beyond roadblocks and explore opportunities in real-time with a peer group that gets it.




will keep you connected with a group of like-minded garden enthusiasts. Share your progress, get inspired by others, and build connections that last beyond the course.


You'll be given access to one module weekly, so you have loads of time to dive into your lessons and execute your homework BEFORE moving on to the next part of crafting your own Plant Color Palette. We do this to remove the overwhelm, enjoy the process, and keep you focused on your end goal—creating an enchanting garden with vibrant colors and a cohesive look that resonates with your personal taste and highlights your home to create a perfect space to enjoy your own private haven.

When does Bloom Your Garden Colors start?

Bloom Your Garden Colors course registration opens again in Fall 2024! Don't miss the next enrollment time. Get on the Bloom Your Garden Colors waitlist now.