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Spring Refresh Bundle
Spring Refresh - home , garden, and lifestyle

Embrace the Season: Refresh Your Home, Garden & Life!

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As the snow melts away to reveal the first signs of green, we're reminded of nature's timeless lesson: after every winter comes springa season of renewal, growth, and endless possibilities.

This year, let's embrace the spirit of spring not just as a change in weather but as a transformative force.

Join forces with experts across various domains to bring you a treasure trove of resources designed to rejuvenate your home, garden, and lifestyle.


This Spring, Transform Your Space & Life: Exclusive Insights Inside!

But why stop at your garden? This spring, we're going beyond the greenery. As the only garden designer in the Spring Refresh collaboration, I'm honored to stand alongside an incredible lineup of experts, each bringing their unique expertise to make this spring your most vibrant yet:



Prep Your Garden for Parties, Spring, and Beyond: Create party-perfect spring landscape with yours truly as I share professional insights that will transform your outdoor space.

Culinary Creativity & Hosting Prowess: Elevate your entertaining game with tips from Rafael + Toni Gonzalez, an executive chef & party planner team, and delight your guests with mouthwatering dishes and unforgettable gatherings.

Indoor Living Spaces Transformation: Discover the secrets to creating living spaces that reflect your personality and embrace the beauty of spring with Gabriella Milgrom, a home design & building expert.



Wardrobe and Personal Style Rejuvenation: With the guidance of Monika Nielsen, a style rehab specialist, refresh your wardrobe and embrace the new season. You’ll develop a wardrobe that is true to you.

Streamlined Spaces for Serene Living: Find peace and tranquility in your home with organization tips from Alison Strang, a home organizer and educator who makes room for new beginnings.

Revitalized Health and Daily Habits: Nurture your body and mind with insights from Jenny Waters, an empty nest nutrition & habit coach, and embrace healthy habits as the days grow longer.


A Fresh Start for Your Garden

At the heart of spring is the renewal of your garden and life. Your yard is not just a plot of land; it has the potential to reflect your personality and support your lifestyle. Your garden can be a fabulous asset to improve your life, from hosting parties to relaxing. It offers beauty that connects with your indoors and gives you joy and peace of mind. 

That's why I'm thrilled to introduce you to my latest resource, "Party-Perfect Garden: 7 Steps to Prep Your Garden for Spring and Beyond," a workbook and supporting materials.

Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a budding green thumb, these resources are your first step towards prepping your garden for spring and transforming it into an enchanting backdrop for gatherings or a peaceful retreat.

By following these seven steps, you'll not only have a well-kept and ready-to-impress garden but also the confidence and know-how to focus on the key areas of your outdoor space all season long.


Your Spring Refresh Journey Begins >>HERE<<!

We invite you to dive deep into the Spring Refresh resources. Each free resource, including my "Party-Perfect Garden" workbook, is a stepping stone towards a fuller, more vibrant life. It's an opportunity to grow—not just your garden but also in wellness, creativity, and joy. Join us as we embrace the spirit of Spring Refresh and breathe new life into our homes, gardens, and lives!

















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