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Get Your Garden Party-Perfect in 7 Days

With Sari’s expert guidance, your garden will be the envy of the neighborhood in just one week! Say goodbye to dull outdoor spaces and hello to vibrant gatherings that leave a lasting impression.

Introducing 'Party-Perfect Garden'

If you're ready to elevate your garden to the next level this spring, be sure to download my workbook, 'Party-Perfect Garden: 7 Steps to Prep Your Garden for Spring and Beyond.' This isn’t just any workbook; it’s a seven-day treasure trove of wisdom, combining expert insights with practical, step-by-step strategies, extra resources, and recordings designed to transform your outdoor space into an enchanting retreat for joy and festivity.

'Party-Perfect Garden: 7 Steps to Prep Your Garden for Spring and Beyond'—this comprehensive workbook and accompanying emails with recording from yours truly are designed for home garden owners who are eager to make their gardens shine for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.

With 'Party-Perfect Garden,' you'll embark on a fun and practical garden prep project, tackling daily tasks that will have your garden looking its best in just a week—or, if you prefer, you can spread the steps out over a longer timeframe. From sprucing up flower beds to perfecting your patio setup, each step is carefully crafted to focus on the most essential aspects of your garden for hosting unforgettable garden parties.

By the end of the program, you'll not only have a garden that's well-kept and ready to impress but also the confidence and know-how to focus on the key areas of your outdoor space all season long. Get ready to elevate your garden game and become the ultimate host with party-perfect garden by your side!

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Your Spring Starts Here

Hey there, I'm Sari Lampinen MSGD, your friendly online neighborhood garden designer, here to sprinkle some magic into your garden routine.

For over two decades, I've been transforming ordinary yards into extraordinary retreats. And now, I'm sharing my secrets with you!

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and dive into a world of blossoms and blooms? Let's embark on a journey to prep your garden for spring, one step at a time.

Join me as we navigate through 7 days of spring preparation activities. Together, we'll unlock the potential of your outdoor space, setting the stage for memorable gatherings and year-round beauty.

Happy Customers


Ora & Benjamin

Colorado, USA

I love that Sari took us step by step. The quiz gave us the garden style we wanted, during the online session she really guided us to create our own dream garden based on our taste and needs.




Helsinki, Finland

After attending Sari's course, I feel confident in selecting plants, and I know what I need to take into consideration when making my choices, such as colors, sizes, flowering periods, placement, and so on. I look forward to see my flower garden in full bloom.



Pip Barrett

Western Australia

I feel a lot more confident now. I have a game plan, I can pick the right colours and styles to give balance and envoke how I want to feel in the garden and how I want visitors to feel as well