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Colors in the garden

Gardener’s Critical Moments When to Focus on Colors

garden design basics starting a garden

Garden owners have two critical moments in their life regarding color in their planting areas.

They happen when:

  1. you start planning a new garden or
  2. you have an older garden without a clear vision, clarity, or color guidelines.


Color when Starting a New Garden

When you start a new garden, you have a blank canvas in front of you. The new landscaping project offers endless options to design and plant whatever you want.

You have all the colors to choose from - a blessing and a curse.

TIP: With a new garden, it’s time to set the guidelines for color and stick with them. It is how to create the garden of your dreams over the following years.


Older Gardens in Need of Improvement

Suppose you have an older garden full of plants and a riot of color. In that case, you may have an exciting collection of plants you or the previous owner have collected or just a garden that has changed so many times that there are reminiscences of all the twists and turns of that garden’s history.

It means you may have a garden without a clear vision, clarity, and proper color guidelines.

TIP: You need a proper game plan to solve your mismatched plant color problem. You could start it all over again, or better still, take a hard look and remove all the plants with colors that do not fit into the planting and gift them to your neighbors with suitable gardens.

To succeed in removing unwanted colors, you got to know which ones are the unwanted ones, and it takes some deep thinking and hard decisions.

It o very challenging to get rid of thriving plants, and if you don't feel sure of your decision, it won't happen. 

However, if you don’t take action to plan and streamline your plant colors, you’ll suffer from an uneasiness of color cacophonic that you’re not satisfied with for years to come.


The Power of Colors

There is so much you can do with plants and colors. And that is why color is an essential aspect of garden design. You can use colors to create beauty and the desired mood. In addition, colors help you to combine your garden with its surroundings.

Color is your tool to create a cohesive combination and a flow that makes you feel at ease when spending time in your backyard. 


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