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How to Create A Harmonious Garden

It's Possible to Create a Harmonious Garden: Here's How

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Harmony is a compelling concept whether you're designing your home or backyard.

It's so easy to sense whether the space feels harmonious or not. When there is harmony, you feel peaceful and relaxed and sense that everything is connected and belongs together. That makes you feel good inside.

It's much more challenging to grasp the concept and explain what makes you feel that way.

Often when someone wants a garden that looks like a professional designer had designed it, they mean that they wish for a thoughtfully designed garden that looks harmonious.

And yes, to gain harmony in garden planning, it requires conscious thought that various elements work together and have a feeling of belonging together.

What Do You Need to Create a Harmonious Garden?

To create harmony in your backyard, you need to use two concepts to your advantage: unity and simplicity.

I think that unity means every element in your backyard connects. They have a sameness that matches together and shares a similar essence. Nothing is clashing or competing with each other.

This unifying essence infuses everything in the garden, whether shapes, chosen materials, features, colors, or plants with their needs and appearance.

When you have chosen a unified palette of materials, plants, and other design elements for your garden, you can start using the second concept, simplicity.

Simplicity means literally 'Less is more.'

  • The restricted palette of hard-landscape materials.
  • Considered focal points.
  • The limited color palette for both materials and plants.

There should not be too much of everything, but all you have thoughtfully chosen must be repeated. And then you repeat it some more.


How to Create Harmony in Your Backyard?

Great! You might think all I need is unity and simplicity to create harmony in my backyard. Yes! - I know - they are such abstract concepts that they don't much help to get anyone going. We need something more.

That's when I'll use the knowledge of garden styles as my 'design tool'.

It helps me to fulfill the requirements of both unity and simplicity.



Different garden styles consist of a collection of shapes, materials, features, and plants that already have similar qualities. They have the innate feeling of oneness.

>> When you use one style everywhere in your garden, you'll create harmony.



And when using the style, it's essential not to use all the suggested materials, for example. Choose just some of them for your backyard garden.

>> Restrict your choices based on your preferences and the atmosphere you want to create.

When you sense the harmony between your garden, yourself, and the chosen garden style, you'll experience a deeply satisfying feeling that you have never done before. That emotion will refresh you and make you feel great every day.




Time to take action:

Choosing your garden style or letting it choose you is a perfect start. Take my garden-style quiz and discover your unique essence. You'll get a guide that gives you clear guidelines for selecting the shapes, materials, features, and plants that has the oneness in them and help you connect everything in your garden.

Using the guide, you can choose the correct elements for your garden design palette. Remember 'Less is more' and keep repeating what you have chosen. You can take the quiz and get your guide >>HERE<<












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