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Winter Garden: Adding Vibrant Hues to Lift Your Outdoor Space

Winter Garden: Adding Vibrant Hues to Lift Your Outdoor Space

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As the winter months set in, our gardens often feel subdued and lack the vibrant colors of spring and summer.

However, there's a creative and effective way to pep up your winter garden – by strategically using color in structures and furniture.

I just came back from a visit to London, UK. It was November, one of the darkest months of the year. There weren’t many plants flowering when I arrived at the public spaces or piazza, if you prefer, on Strand surrounding a baroque church, St Mary le Strand.

This place used to be a busy and polluted ’roundabout’ in the West End before the Strand Aldwyck redesign project (Publica, LDA Design, WSP, NRP, Michael Grubb Studio). Now, it’s a charming and flexible space with 45 new trees and 2,000 square meters of planting that will further soften the look over time.

Let’s explore how you can infuse your garden with warmth and joy during the colder seasons.



Bold Colors in Furniture

Take a cue from the benches and seating areas along the Strand garden walks and public spaces. Opt for bold and cheerful colors for your outdoor furniture. Reds, yellows, oranges, and maroons can instantly transform a winter garden, creating a welcoming and lively atmosphere.

I enjoyed the combination of wood (accoya) and metal with a warm terracotta hue that linked the garden structures to the tiled entrance of the Strand Station. Imagine sipping hot cocoa surrounded by vibrant hues – a perfect antidote to the winter blues!



Accentuating Structures with Playful Tones

The architectural elements along the Strand are accentuated with playful, warm reddish-brown colors. In addition to street furniture, you can find bollards, steel-clad concrete blocks, and steel edgings around flower beds. All steel elements are painted in the warm hue of terracotta.

Consider doing the same with your garden structures. A brightly colored pergola, trellis, or garden shed can become a focal point, breaking the monotony of winter's neutral palette. It adds visual interest and gives the entire space a sense of cheerfulness.



Winter Blooms and Planters

While flowers may be scarce in winter, strategic plantings can still introduce color. Choose winter-blooming plants like hellebores, pansies, heathers, berries of skimmias, or the fascinating texture of hebes.

Alternatively, plant evergreens and invest in colorful planters or pots that complement the overall design. Combining living plants and vibrant containers will add life to your winter garden.


Blend of Inspiration

The Strand piazza's success lies in the inspiring blend of colors, textures, and stripes as graphical elements in the garden paths and street surfaces. Abundant semi-evergreen planting and ornamental grasses beautifully highlight the warm reddish-brown color of the painted elements. Similarly, aim for a balanced and cohesive look when adding color to your winter garden. Choose a color scheme that resonates with your personal style, links with the surroundings, and complements the existing elements in your garden.

Transforming your winter garden into a colorful oasis is not just about aesthetics – it's about creating a space that uplifts your spirits during the colder months. You can infuse joy and energy into your outdoor haven by drawing inspiration from the use of color in vibrant public spaces like the Strand in London.

Experiment with bold colors, textures, and evergreen or semi-evergreen plantings to create a winter garden that is as lively as it is inviting. After all, winter is no reason for your garden to hibernate – let it bloom with color!




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