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Which Color to Choose for Your Flower Pots and Planters?

Unsure Which Colors to Choose for Your Flower Pots and Planters? Read this.

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Color matter! Whether it's your hair, home decor, a new blouse .. or a flower pot!

Colors are powerful as they can enhance your mood and give you visual joy. Use colors you love and enjoy them wholeheartedly.

Above all else, consider the atmosphere you want to create and choose colors that compliment you and your surroundings.

Are You Creating Color Harmonies, or Do You Use Color as an Accent?

Outdoor pots and planters are an excellent way to decorate your garden and accentuate your unique style.

Firstly, start by taking a look at your home and garden when choosing the perfect color for your pots and planters:

TIP #1 If your garden plants are mainly green and your plant choices are limited to one or just a few delicate, matching shades, you could consider choosing accent colors for the flower pots.


TIP #2 Instead, if your backyard is already bursting with color, soothing grey or natural muted colors might be a great option.


TIP #3 Alternatively, you could enhance the intense coloring of your garden by selecting the color that is the main color in your garden's color scheme or the one you have used as an accent in flowers or foliage.

Choose Colors to Enhance the Plants You Love

Next, it's time to take a closer look at your favorite seasonal plants and planting combinations:


  • What kind of summer flower displays do you admire?
  • What plants do you often choose for your own planters?
  • Do you want eclectic color combinations, soft pastels, or lush green foliage with contrasting textures?
  • If you choose flowering plants, what is your favorite color scheme for the planting?


TIP #4 Choose your favorite flower or a colorful leaf. Look at its single bloom or leaf and the color combinations it has. Then choose one of the colors that highlight the rest. (You can read more in detail about this technique I use in another post: How to Create Exciting Flower Color Combinations)

 I encourage you to be bold - experiment with colors and unleash your creativity!

 Time to take action

Tell me, what is your favorite plant for summer displays, and what color would you choose for its flower pot? You can email me or send me a DM on Instagram at @gardendesignstories. If you're interested in to learn more about your style and colors, take my Garden Design Style Quiz >>HERE<<.







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