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Daylilies low maintenance plants for your garden

The Most Low Maintenance Plants for Your Garden

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I remember when I had filled our garden with the same plant species that thrived in my parents' garden.

Big mistake!

I wasn´t that experienced in gardening back then and was enthusiastic starting our new garden as it was like a blank canvas. Literally.

The problem was that my parents had clay soil, and we had a free-draining sandy soil.

From this starting point, there was no possibility of having a low-maintenance garden.

Though, I didn't worry about that back then. Later, yes!


The #1 Key Decision for Selecting the Most Low Maintenance Plants

The most critical factor for low maintenance is to select plants that thrive in your yard's soil and growing conditions.

Practically, almost all plants that thrive naturally in your soil and growing conditions are low-maintenance. 

Low maintenance plants like evergreen American arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis 'Smaragd') and yellow leopard plant (Ligularia przewalskii) thrive in CLAY SOIL:


Low maintenance plants for SANDY SOIL are, for example, evergreen Siberian cypress (Microbiota decussata) and orange-colored avens 'Borisii' (Geum coccineum ' Borisii'):


The Benefits of Choosing Low Maintenance Plants, a.k.a. the Right Plants for Your Soil Type

  1. Being Low Maintenance - There is no doubt about that! Easy plants are happy plants, and when their needs and demands are fulfilled, they perform at their best.
  2. Thriving Plants Look Always Good - You don't need to worry about wrangling leggy plants. You'll give them what they need and get what you want.
  3. Saving Money in Your Purse - Plants that thrive in existing conditions don't need continuous watering or fertilizers and tend to live longer. When you don't need all that fuzz, it saves you money.

I have learned my lesson.

So, I only plant plants that thrive in our yard's soil type and growing conditions.

I suggest you do the same to save time and enjoy your beautiful, thriving garden!






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