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'Finola' tulips for your garden

The ’Finola’ Tulip: A Splash of Charm for Your Garden

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Get ready to meet your garden's new best friend – the Finola tulip (Tulipa 'Finola'). I'm beyond excited to share my latest tulip crush with you—the enchanting late double, peony-like tulip known as 'Finola.' 

Trust me when I say this beauty is a game-changer. From its breathtaking color transformation to its delicate form and captivating fragrance, 'Finola' is a must-have for any garden with romantic and elegant flair.



The Transformation of Colors

Picture this: a silvery pink egg-shaped bud slowly unfurling to reveal a creamy white blossom with delicate blush undertones. Can you imagine anything more dreamy? But wait, there's more! As 'Finola' continues blooming, the petals transition to a soft, light pink full of elegance and grace.

And finally, the grand finale—a sweet, romantic pink hue with a fine, irregular, deep pink flaming in the center that will leave you smitten. I'm telling you, witnessing this color transformation is like watching a magical fairy tale unfold in your garden.



Delicate Shape and Nodding Stems

Now, let's talk about its other unique characteristics. Unlike your typical tulips with straight and upright stems, 'Finola' tends to bend the rules slightly. Its flower stems nod charmingly as they playfully follow the sun's path. It adds a touch of whimsy and natural movement to your garden, creating a dynamic display that will surely catch your eye. And oh, the delicate form! Layers of ruffled petals give 'Finola' a fairy-like, irresistible appearance.


A Fragrance That Delights the Senses

But wait, there's more to love about ’Finola.' Close your eyes and imagine admiring your late-spring flower bed only to be greeted by the most delightful fragrance. 'Finola' has a scent that will leave you utterly enchanted. It's sweet, delicate, and alluring—a true feast for the senses.

Every time I catch a whiff of its captivating aroma, I can't help but be transported to a world of pure floral bliss. It is a challenge to leave the flowerbed behind or to pass it by without sniffing the flowers.



'Finola' is a tulip cultivar that captivates with its stunning colors, delicate form, unique stem behavior, and intoxicating fragrance. Whether you're a tulip lover or a gardening enthusiast, ’Finola’ is a true gem that brings romance and elegance to any outdoor space. Let its beauty weave a spell of joy and wonder in your garden.



PS. You can read another post HERE if you want to see what kind of color combination I planted in another planting area using the 'Finola' tulip. 







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