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Ideas for Modern Danish-Scandinavian Home Garden Style

Create a Modern Danish-Scandinavian Style Garden

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Over the years, I have been familiar with MANY styles - both interior styles and garden styles.

I have learned that the best combo is created when the garden reflects the interior and the owner's personal style.

Like the modern and casual Scandinavian style that is just as suitable for a garden as the interior. And why wouldn't - as summers are short, you want to live outdoors as much as possible!

>> A simple, easy-care, stylish, and inspiring garden just does the trick. You feel cozy, free, and have time for simple, but ah! so important, life pleasures. <<

Even though the style is

  • casual on its' core nature,
  • the high color contrast, and
  • the use of black

give it an exciting twist.

We can call it the Danish influence.

This style has been super popular for quite a long time in interior design. The same alignment is seen in new houses built characterized by angular shapes and contrasting coloring - very dark anthracite or black, shimmering white, and maybe a touch of accent color. Fantastic elements also for a garden designer.

If you look behind the contrasting black and white, you'll find a palette of cool natural colors. Colors like gray, brown, white, and green add calm and softness to the otherwise modern contrasting garden.

This style is engaging because, in all its simplicity, it requires playing with proportions. In the photos, you'll notice it, especially in the planter choices. The giant pots are perfect focal points for Danish-Scandinavian-style. Simple geometric planters in cool colors are a sure choice. Think colors like pure white, black, anthracite, and light stone grey.

The planters and pots act as focal points in your garden. The bigger, the better they are for this purpose. You can use them, for example, on terraces, seating areas, and entrances. Place light-colored pots in front of the dark background and vice versa.

>> The planters create a nice rhythm and also allow you to add more greenery to the paved or terraced areas. <<

 How about the plant choices? The same simplicity and bare down style continue in the vegetation — lots of green, white, evergreen, and grasses. You'll have the clean lines of clipped hedges combined wind rustling in the grasses. Huge favorites are hydrangeas with their large white blossoms. Like this Hydrangea arborescent 'Annabelle'.

As this style comes from the lands of long winters, you can find many architectural elements. They add year-round structure and color to the garden as surely as evergreen foliage.

You can use 

  • gravel,
  • wooden panels or fences painted black, and
  • long, stone paver strips that mimic the casual look and feel of a beach boardwalk. 

>> Take a minimalist approach to hardscaping elements such as paths and fences. Less is definitively more. <<

Natural materials like weathered wood, gravel, and pebbles have some reminiscent of the coastal style on the other side of the Atlantic - like gardens in New England area, but with a darker, modern twist. I love both of these styles!

Suppose you're in love with the modern Danish-Scandinavian style of interior design. Why would you not pursue it in your garden as well?

To help you get started with this style in the garden setting, I created a Pinterest board for you. Click this link to check it out. Many lovely ideas are following!


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