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Launching Your Next Garden Project

Tips (and a Workbook) on Launching Your Next Garden Project

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The new year always awakens the same enthusiasm. It feels like starting everything anew with a clean slate, ... even though we have the same opportunity 365 times a year, that is, every day!

But let's use this time wisely - we have energy as the new growing season approaches, and the snow covers the details that might disturb our dreaming. (Hey, you weeds and unfinished projects!)

The reason why the implementation of an eagerly started idea is often left unfinished is usually the fascination with something fun and starting to implement it without considering whether the idea is the best possible for you and your garden. You might begin to doubt the feasibility of the idea midway through the implementation and realize that it might not work on your own garden or look the way you want it to.

You have two options:

  1. either modify the garden idea as you implement it or
  2. spend a little more time before starting the implementation of the idea.

Once you are convinced that you have chosen the idea that is best suited for you and your garden, you will gain much more determination to see your garden idea through to completion... and that was originally the whole purpose of implementing your idea!

Keep reading, as I'll assist you in this. (At the end, you'll also find a workbook that will guide you step by step and make the selection process easier!)



Where Your Garden Design Ideas Are Taking You

What if you looked at your garden with fresh eyes? Forget unnecessary details at this stage and start by thinking about what you WANT to do in your garden. 🤔

  • How would you spend your time there if anything were possible?
  • What would be there if you could wave your magic wand and your wishes come true just like that? Seriously.

Sometimes, pausing and considering whether your ideas and projects have taken the garden in the right direction is good. If not, have your preferences or life situation changed? Then it's a good idea to update your thoughts and desires... and, consequently, your garden.

The idea is that your garden brings you joy and enhances your well-being, providing opportunities for relaxation and resilience amid daily hustle. The best garden for you is one you enjoy caring for and witnessing its miraculous growth. The result will be perfect if you can also incorporate elements that support biodiversity.



How to Decide What to Implement in Your Backyard

So, take a moment. Take a deep breath and look at your garden with fresh eyes. Write down garden ideas and thoughts that bring you joy. Don't think the 'what you should do' projects this time. Focus on thoughts about what you WANT to have in your garden.

Creating this positive vision of your dream garden makes it much easier and more inspiring (doesn't it!) to embark on its realization. Plan your garden around this idea and create a place where you feel good.

I made a workbook, "Groundwork for Growth: 3 Steps to Launch Your Ideal Garden Project This Year," for you to jot down ideas. When your thoughts are compiled on the same page and you've evaluated them through the five essential criteria, it's easy to prioritize them. This way, you can find the ideas that best suit your backyard.



The workbook also has space to plan the foundation for implementing your garden ideas. You can print the worksheets for yourself HERE.

Enjoy brainstorming, evaluating your ideas, and planning your dream garden.

Happy garden planning!








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