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Get Ready to Planning Your Flower Garden This Winter

Get Ready to Planning Your Flower Garden

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The garden view might be serenely peaceful, but I'm busy in my office like a squirrel preparing for winter.

I have been measuring, photographing, and analyzing the client projects I'm designing during the coming winter.

I have gathered and organized the information to be ready when it's time to start each project. It feels great to have everything in order and all the needed details collected. 

That's why it's no wonder that spring is not far from my thoughts, even when preparing for winter.


Make Your New Garden Ideas Happen

How about you?

Are you planning new areas in your garden this winter? Have you got notes about brilliant ideas you would like to try next spring? 

It's a great idea to plan in winter, so you have time to ponder between different options, hone the best ideas, and be ready to start digging when the snow finally melts away.



Start Preparing Now to Make Planning Easy and Enjoyable

Planning during the winter takes some preparation beforehand.

In other words, you could measure your garden and take notes and photographs to have all the required information ready to enjoy planning the new garden project this winter.  

Preparing in advance is a great thing to do. It makes life so much easier and more enjoyable, and it's a breeze to design when you have all the needed background information at your fingertips.



I encourage you to

  1. measure your planting area,
  2. collect ideas,
  3. draw sketches to visualize your garden project,
  4. make a plan, and
  5. enjoy the creative process. 

Feel free to contact me if you get stuck in any part of your process. You can send me your question >>HERE<<.  Garden design has been my specialty for two decades, and I'm excited to brainstorm and find the best possible solutions together to support you in making your dream garden. 








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