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Expert Tips to Choosing and Placing Your Garden Building

Expert Tips for Choosing and Placing Your Garden Building

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A garden building isn't just a structure but an essential part of your outdoor space. Selecting the perfect model and finding its sweet spot in your plot is a journey worth savoring. After all, this addition to your garden is a lasting commitment.

First Things First when Starting a Garden Building Project

Picture this: Your garden building discreetly nestled in the landscape or proudly standing as a showstopper. But before you decide or continue any further with your garden building project, check the building department’s guidelines for your area first:

  • Is it allowed to build any extra garden buildings?
  • Is there enough space, considering the given guidelines?
  • Need permits or licenses to build?

We've got them covered in this project, too. 



How to Place Your Garden Building

After checking if any permits are needed and the recommended distances from any buildings or boundaries, it’s time to consider how to place the garden building:

  • Do you want it to be aligned with the house or in a diagonal position, for example?
  • Where is the door, and how about the direction of the windows?
  • Where does the route go to the garden building?

Once more, consider the purpose of the building and especially how it connects to the other activities in your outdoor space. Placed near your chill-out zone, a garden building with an outdoor kitchen/dining space transforms into the heart of your backyard.

In my client’s site, the garden building seamlessly integrates into the garden’s corner, becoming one with its surroundings. It has easy access from the extensive wooden decking with a hot tub beside the house wall. Gone is the tired old garden shed; in its place is a fresh take on smartly using the plot's corner.



Sizing Up Your Garden Building for Ultimate Outdoor Enjoyment

Forget the cramped corners! Avoid choosing the smallest possible option for garden buildings, terraces, or any outdoor retreats. Often, the need for space is underestimated. Let's ensure enough room to move around that table, kitchen counter, and other activities. Consider how many persons at the most might be inside simultaneously.



What’s your vision for the new garden building if you consider your outdoor space? Make a list of what essentials are necessary and for what purposes you want to use the space. Who’s joining you inside?

It's time to dream it up!


PS. A garden building enhances your outdoor space and extends the season well into late fall, early spring, and even winter. If you want more tips for lengthening the season spent in the garden in the fall, check out this previous blog post, "Transforming Your Outdoor Space into a Cozy Autumn Retreat."






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