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A garden view from a window

How to Design Window View to Match the Interior

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*Friend, does your window view complement your interior?* If you consider the view from your living room window or your home office, how does the scenery make you feel? Inspired, relaxed, or maybe unease?! I see you, and I get you. Since my early years as an aspiring garden designer, that was one of the IMPORTANT things that I learned to keep in mind when designing gardens.

What if I told you that you could improve your window view by focusing on some specific aspects? You do not need to change everything, just focus on some main concepts, and do accordingly. Even minor tweaks can have a huge impact!


Setting the stage for an inspiring window view

Because window view is such an essential link between your garden and interior, it has to be cohesive in style and add an extra layer to your home decor. That said, it's vital that you know the main elements of your personal style and can create your garden accordingly. Having clarity and designing with intention gives so much joy and makes the whole process easier. 



>> The style of your room sets expectations for the window view.<< 


 Your interior style might be very modern with no curtains, just sleek graphic window frames, or you have soft pastel-colored furniture and romantic embellished curtains with flowers in them. Maybe your style is very rustic, with natural linen curtains framing your garden view.

I hear you. You might want to create a contrast or surprise. Absolutely. Do that, but do it with intention. Whether the garden view is contrasting or perfectly harmonious with the room's interior, you got to know your style and the guidelines that support it to make a wonderful and successful combination by unifying the exterior with the interior. 

Here are my top tips for connecting your window view with the interior. As a bonus, it delights you and your visitors when entering the room!



Carita's Garden Design Story:

"It is always such a fantastic experience for me to come home and let my gaze wander through the rooms to the backyard, which directly connects with the interior lines. For most of the year, the backyard is an inviting oasis, and the living space almost doubles in size. Plants and the wall form a space that feels like a room outside. During the wintertime, the plants' shapes and evergreen conifers, along with yard structures, make it attractive. The garden is an integral part of my home." 




 "A home without a garden is a home, but a home with a garden is a Paradise." Carita



Connect home interior and garden with similar lines and shapes

Now it's time to speak some architectural language. Landscape architecture, to be specific. Translate your interior style to tell the same story on the outside too. 

  • If the interior of your room is modern and sleek, look around, and you might see a lot of square or diagonal shapes or perfect formal arches. A lot of clean lines, spaciousness, and uncluttered area. These are the same lines and forms that you need to use outside in your garden. So you need clear, bold lines and graphical shapes. Aim for the overall feeling of calm and spaciousness.


  • If you feel romantic at heart and that's what you express at your home, be welcome to continue it in the garden too. Think of your ruffled pillows, soft curves of furniture, embellished materials, or decorations. Likewise, it would be a good idea to create intimate areas, 'green garden rooms,' and a formal layout softened by abundant planting.


  • If you look at your garden from a rustic room with natural materials and furniture, you want to continue the same raw feeling outside in your garden too. Think about flowing lines of a natural stream, water drops on a window, or the shape of a lake or a pond. You want the inside and outside to have similar ease, movement, and free forms.

Your window connects your home's interior and exterior, and you want to make the best of this incredible combination. Make your home and garden fully reflect your style. >>You'll feel balanced and at ease when the same cohesive look continues from inside to outside.<<


Time to take action

There you have it! My go-to tips to make your window view an integral part of your home. Now you know where to focus on tweaking your garden view! Take a notepad, sit down in a comfortable chair in the middle of the room, or sit in your favorite armchair. Look at your interior and start connecting it with your garden view. 

If you're still wondering how to move your style cohesively into your garden, take my FREE Garden Style Quiz. I have been using it successfully with my design clients for years. Understanding the lines and shapes aligned with your style gives you clear guidelines for also choosing structures, materials, etc. With my garden style quiz and supporting style guide, you learn more about your garden style, gain clarity, and clear guidelines to take your style into your own garden.

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 PS. Don’t we just love the BEFORE and AFTER photos? Here’s the photo BEFORE my design client Carita built her new garden. The photo in the middle of the blog post is taken around four years after she had built her garden.





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