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Best Materials For Gabion Baskets To Build A Retaining Wall by Garden Design Stories

Best Materials For Gabion Baskets To Build A Retaining Wall

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When filling your gabion baskets, there is one essential requirement if you're going to build a retaining wall. As you know, the retaining wall got to carry a heavy load, and the higher the wall, the heavier the load.

With even one row of gabion baskets, you can level your yard where needed and create interest. Luckily building a low gabion retaining wall does require previous experience.

Noreen's question about building a retaining wall with gabions

Noreen asked me about building a retaining wall with gabion baskets, and the question goes:

I have a slight slope in my garden (less than 2 feet), and I'm considering using one row of gabion baskets. What can I fill gabions with?

Kind regards, Noreen



What is a gabion basket?

The gabion baskets are rectangular baskets made with galvanized metal wire mesh, and the baskets are tied together side by side with wire spirals.

Gabion baskets are great for several DIY projects. For example, you can use gabions for building a raised bed for your planting, an in-built bench with a wooden lid, a free-standing wall, or an insect hotel when filled with logs.

The best fill for gabion baskets for retaining walls

You can use many materials to fill the gabion baskets. However, if you use gabions for a retaining wall, as Noreen was considering, I suggest you load the baskets full of heavy materials like:

  • rocks,
  • cobbles,
  • slate,
  • reclaimed bricks,
  • blocks, or
  • old paving stones.

They have enough weight to make the structure solid and support the bank's weight behind it.



How to create the look you want for the gabions

Stones give a nice natural touch to the gabion walls. The rougher the texture of the rocks, the more rugged the look of the wall. 

  • Interlocking, angular stones are great for filling the baskets. The rocks have to be around 100mm – 200mm in size to suit the cages, so they do not slip through the holes.
  • If you prefer a sleeker look, you can use slates and install them neatly in horizontal layers. 
  • You can use reclaimed concrete paving stones to fill baskets if you want a more contemporary look. 
  • For the rustic twist, the reclaimed bricks might add an exciting touch.


How to choose the fill materials for the gabions

Choosing the suitable materials to fill the gabion baskets is critical, and it can make or break the look of your retaining wall. 

I suggest selecting materials and colors that compliment your house and other hardscaping materials used in your yard. That makes your home stand out beautifully, and the gabion wall blends the surroundings harmoniously.


Choosing the suitable material to fill the baskets is one of the most challenging roadblocks a garden owner has was planning to build a retaining wall with gabions. There are so many options, making choosing hard and keeping you procrastinating. I'd love to send you my free Garden Style Guide. Take the quiz >> HERE<< to find out your core style and download the guide. I hope, that knowing your core garden style helps you to narrow down the options and to choose the suitable materials for your yard.

I can't wait for you to start building your low retaining wall using gabions. Share your photos on Instagram and tag me so I can cheer you up, friend!










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