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Start a garden by answering these questions before creating your garden layout and flower beds.

Answer These 3 Questions to Create a Garden You Really Enjoy

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We all are the same, but still so varied. Our personality and surroundings affect how we spin our lives and live our days. Some of it we can influence, some of it we can't. 



Your garden, your balcony, or your porch is a place that is YOURS. It is a place you can plan, create, and decorate as you please and feel right to you. It is the place that I wish you could call your own. Own it. Design your garden so that it'll give you joy and support your wellbeing and also your lifestyle.

If I think of my garden, I want a place to inspire me, show the beauty of nature and a site to do some gardening. A garden to give me a hideaway and a place to listen. Listen to birds, and wind in the trees and rushing of grasses on my planting beds.

As a garden designer, I work a lot during the growing season, so my garden might not be optimal for me in the category of easy care. It has more like a dynamic, natural planting style, finding a balance, and learning about new plants. However, I love it just like it is.



Almost twenty years ago, I designed a master plan for my garden. Back then, the site was just a blank canvas. I draw a plan, and I have stick to it all these years. 

For the master plan, I listed all the functions that my family and I wanted to have for our garden. With that list, I divided the space into different areas. There were areas like grass for children to play, paved sitting area, planting beds, kitchen garden, small orchard, and a shady woodland garden at the back of the house. I decided the lines, forms, and places for all. Then I build it with my husband.

And it has served me so well. During these 20 years, I have grown as a garden designer. Our garden has grown, and some of it also overgrown. It has withstood all my plant experiments, testing, and learning. 

However, the lines are the same, and the places are the same. The master plan has served me well. And I'm grateful for that.




So ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is using the outdoor areas of your home? 
  • To whom would it be enjoyable to use it more? 
  • What you and your family genuinely want to do in your garden?

For some, a garden is a place to relax for someone else a site to tender the plants. The third one wants to make food outdoors and spend some time with friends. How about having a small green and practice golf in your garden? The others let the children run wild to release their extra energy.



There are a lot of different hopes, and they all are essential.

In your garden plan or so-called master plan, you decide what goes where. Sometimes there are a lot of alternative options. Sometimes not so many. However, it is highly critical to find the best possible places for all functions straight from the start.

Building a garden is fun, but it takes time and effort. You will value a clear vision, according to which to dig your flower beds and lay the paving for your outdoor sitting area. 

You can change the plants later. Many times if needed, changing the layout of your garden will be much more work.

Have a clear vision for the use of your garden, and you'll create a place for you and your family to live in and enjoy.


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