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"Designing your garden is the best way to make your garden low-maintenance, solve the problem areas, and be delighted of having a garden in the first place. 


BONUS: It gives you the freedom to experiment (thanks to a good layout!)"


You might be thinking: 


... I have too many ideas. I'm confused, and don't know anymore which ones to use in my garden.

... I want to start creating my garden, but there are issues I just can't figure out! That keeps me procrastinating.

... I want to improve the garden I have, but I'm stuck. I need ideas and a clear vision of what my garden could be.


I hear you. You want to start building your fabulous garden, but you're stuck with all the different thoughts that you have...

Help for Your Garden Design Problems - in Person Online

Let me help you to sprinkle some fairy dust over the plans of your 'soon-to-be' dream garden'. I'll give you my professional insight and discuss your ideas to help you make sure that your ideas will work not just in paper, but in your garden too. I have been coaching my clients online already for four years now and on gardens over 16 years. I'm here to help you too.

It's just what I need!

I especially liked the overall design that incorporated symmetry but also some variation that allows for a touch of personal real-life feel. Sari took into account existing plants and shrubs and incorporated them into the overall feel.

Sara Underwood, Massachusetts, United States

Help for your garden design problems - in person online.

You might have an area in your garden that you just can't figure out. You have come to the right place. I'm here to help you. 

We'll start right where you are at with your garden, plans, and ideas.

On this online coaching call, you will, for example, get:

... low-maintenance solutions that make your gardening life easier

... options for privacy screens that don't look like barriers

...  ideas for making the most of your sloping site

...  tips for creating a welcoming front yard or a cozy patio

...  solutions for placing the planting areas

... or any other garden design issue that needs to be solved.

Online Garden Design Session with Sari


  • Get solutions fast and be back in the garden doing what you love
  • Stop procrastinating and know what to do next
  • Get an extra dose of inspiration!
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Garden Design Session saves you time and ... your nerves. I'll help you to solve the design problems and make sure that your garden is as practical as it is beautiful.

Yes! I need this!
Client review - testimonial

Sari guided us step by step!

"Thank you for a such an informative consultation, it was a game changer in helping us redesign our garden.

When we moved to our house over 4 years ago, we inherited beautiful gardens with flowers, herbs and vegetable garden. I tried to maintain it, but I didn’t have much time or knowledge to maintain its beauty. Over the years it has deteriorated and now we really wanted to bring its beauty back but didn’t know where to start.

I love that you took us step by step. The quiz gave us the garden style we wanted, during the consultation you really guided us to create our own dream garden
based on our taste and needs.

I was so impressed how knowledgeable you were about our area, mapped out our house, showed us the right vegetations, gave us ideas and showed us how it would look. At the end of the session we had a plan something I have been struggling with for a 3 years now. We are excited to start this project and looking forward to the results. You are amazing to accomplish all that through video consultation. We will update you on our progress. Thank you again."

Ora and Benjamin
Colorado, United States
Client review - testimonial

I especially liked the overall design!

"Sari was very helpful and well-prepared for our online session. She had researched my house and area (New England in the United States) ahead of time and was able to understand the layout of my garden areas based on the pictures I provided.

She made great color suggestions taking into account my preferences for darker colors for both flowers and foliage. She pulled up photos of the plants she was suggesting so I could see how they looked and would be able to see how they fit with the other plants to produce and overall effect.

I especially liked the overall design that incorporated symmetry but also some variation that allows for a touch of personal real-life feel. She took into account existing plants and shrubs and incorporated them into the overall feel.

It was a pleasure working with her and I’m excited to start implementing the plan we came up with."

Sara Underwood
Massachusetts, United States

We got all the issues solved!

"Absolutely great! We got all the issues solved. This kind of service suited me well. I had already thought things through in advance, but I missed ideas. Sari got the big picture based on the photos and drawings I sent. Online Design Session was an efficient use of time!"

Kati, Finland

Let's solve your garden design problems together! I'm here to help you.

Schedule your 1 hour session today and get new energy and know-how what to do next!


How it works

Online Garden Design Session with Sari is excellent; if you have problem areas that need to be solved or ideas, you're unsure how they would work out and need some professional insight to make your garden JUST PERFECT.