Plant Color Palette in 10 Days

Use colors like a pro! Plant Color Palette in 10 Days is for home gardeners who want to create a unique plant color palette to highlight their home, save money by making considered color choices, and have fun planning their plant color combinations in 10 days using a step-by-step method. 

>> Please, notice: After this first round, the course price will be $199.<<

The learning experience combines live online lessons and a small group (max. 7) of other garden enthusiasts.

What you'll learn:

Module 1: Understanding the Existing Colors

  • The Three Main Areas to Look for Existing Colors
  • Begin upon the Strengths of Your Background Colors
  • Identify the Existing Colors

Module 2: Using Style for Choosing the Right Color Scheme

  • The Three Core Garden Design Styles
  • Transform Your Style into Matching Color Scheme
  • The Golden Rules for an Inviting Garden Color Scheme

Module 3: Highlighting Your Home with Colorful Foliage Plants

  • The Selection of Foliage Plants in Your Palette
  • Link the Hard and Soft Landscaping with Color
  • How to Choose the Right Leaf Color to Highlight Your Home

Module 4: Coloring Your Garden with Flowers

  • Design with Flower Colors
  • Cast the Flower Colors for Different Roles
  • Create Your Unique Plant Color Palette!

The LIVE course also includes a: 2-Week Private Community Group Experience with your fellow students and me.

You should know that you'll get the best price possible. After this first round, the course price will be $199. I will never again offer this course with this discount and amount of personal guidance.

In addition, you'll have this course and all future versions as the course and its content evolve. This course will be created with you for you!


  • The course & Community open on March 22th.
  • We have our LIVE online lessons on two Fridays or Saturdays.
  • First LIVE online meetup is on Friday, March 24th 8 am UTC / 9 am CET / 7 pm AEDT OR Saturday March 25th 8 am PST / 11 am EST / 3 pm UTC / 4 pm CET
  • Our second LIVE online meetup is on Friday March 31st 8 am UTC / 9 am CET / 6 pm AEDT OR Saturday April 1st 8 am PST / 11 am EST / 4 pm UTC / 5 pm CET
  • The Community closes on April 6th.

IMPORTANT: By signing up for Plant Color Palette in 10 Days at a discounted rate, you agree to provide feedback at least three times over the next four weeks. The feedback requests will be presented to you via email or with a link to a short survey form. Your feedback must be submitted within 48 hours of the request. 

During this course, you'll create a unique plant color palette that you can use to create a stunning look for your garden and prevent spontaneous plant purchases that will waste money and make your garden look uneasy.

You can compare your finished plant color palette to a color analysis for your wardrobe, and the results are the same:

  • You feel confident in selecting the right colored plants for your garden.
    You gain clarity in planning your plant combinations.
  • You can resist impulse purchases; even if you do them, you can check your color palette to make them match the rest of your garden.
  • And the best part is that you can be proud of your garden's balanced, cohesive, and fabulous look that highlights your style and home's best features!

You'll get all the updated versions in the future as the course develops with time.

I'm excited to welcome you as a part of this journey!


$79.00 USD

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